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Duchifat 1

One of the first CubeSats built by high school students in the world, it was built by "Handasaim" high school students in the Herzlyia Science Center and its launch was a leap forward in scientific education for the entire country. Duchifat-1's size is 10X10X10cm and it serves several different purposes:

Educational Goal

Before the physical development of the satellite, students did the preperatory theoretical work, set up a ground station, qualified a clean room and helped draw out the plan for the future satellite. The project used the newly founded ground station to communicate with other satellites and train students in the basics of radio communication and satellite communication. After practical work on the satellite began, the students started solving complex engineering problems relating to the satellite requirements and clean room readiness. Since its launch, Duchifat-1 has been used to teach students about communication with satellites and to demonstrate data download from a satellite using a ground station and specialized software.

Amateur Radio Satellite

As an amateur radio satellite, Duchifat-1 performs two types of tasks, direct communication with an operator or linking between operators. During direct communication the operator transmits data about his location to Duchifat-1. When the satellite passes over Israel, our students download the data from the satellite including the operator's location during transmission and put the operator's coordinates on a map in our website. Our students also send him a QSL card. During linking, the satellite retransmits a ham radio operator's signal and acts as a space relay between the 2 operators.

Some info on communicating with Duchifat-1:

Downlink: 145.980Mhz (transceiver on VHF, account for a Doppler of aprox. +/-3KHz)
Uplink: 435.220 (commanding, sending packets and transponder)
Continuous transmission:
Morse beacon upon waking up: Shalom de 4X4HSL Duchifat1- Herzliya Science Center sat
Morse beacon every minute: ( 15 WPM) hi de Duchifat
Telemetry every 20 seconds: AX.25 BPSK 1200bd
More properties:
Compressed APRS Digipeater
Sending compressed APRS messages and passing them on to the main ground station - the transmitting ground station call sign and its coordinates will be presented on a world map in the HSC website and a QSL card will be sent to the operators who sign up and send packets to the satellites.
Relaying Delayed Messages