Hoopoe Launch Countdown

Herzliya Space Lab- First Student Developed Satellite Center

The satellite project of the Herzliya Science Center is one of the key projects of the Herzliya municipality and the Israel Space Agency (ISA). The project participants, high school students in grades nine to twelve, construct satellites and take part in the R & D processes, analyses, simulations, tests and even business development and public relations, which is very similar to what takes place in the professional industry.


One of the world's first CubeSats built by high school students and Israel's first CubeSat launched. It was built by the students of "Handasaim" high school at the Science Center in Herzliya. The launch was a huge leap for scienctific education in the country. The size of Duchifat-1 is 1U, or 10X10X10cm.


Duchifat 2 is one of the world's first CubeSats built by high-school students, and the second in Israel. It was built by students from the Science Center, in collaboration with high schools from the periphery. The satellite is part the European satellite project QB50. Hoopoe is a 2U CubeSat (20X10X10cm), twice as large as its predecessor Duchifat-1.

Israel 70 Constellation

The biggest and most ambitious in the field of space and satellite education, and among the most complex in the world, this national project will include the planning, programming, construction and launch of seventy CubeSats by 70 different high schools in Israel, to celebrate the seventieth birthday of Israel in 2018.